Sunday, 26 March 2017

BSNL IDA Rates – April IDA for Employee Pay Scales
New Financial Year starts with April 2017, and BSNL IDA Rates of Employees valid from 01.04.2017 is going to record a decline. This BSNL IDA rate is valid from New Financial Year 2017-2018 for all executive and non-executive BSNL employees.
As we said earlier, but remains again this. The Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates calculates with All India Consumer Price Index (IW) with the below said points.
Based on the weighted average of prices for consumer goods and services. IDA calculates with a mean for specified months of December 2016 and January, February 2017. It is, as per the price index numbers issued by the Department of Labour Bureau of India. After taking price changes for each item in the predetermined basket of goods.
Now, as per All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers – CPI(IW) issued by Department of Labour Bureau. CPI records continuous decrease in the figures for two months. For December 2016 and January 2017 it drops by three points. With this new release, the total AICPI(All India Consumer Price Index) stands at 274 as on 28.02.2017 (January Index Numbers). It declines from 277.
Based on this average of Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers CPI(IW). BSNL IDA rates of employees may record a decrease up to 2%, even if it stands at 275 for February index numbers. If the drop happened in CPI index numbers for February also, then IDA may surely go on the decrease hugely. But if CPI Index increased by nine points from now, then BSNL IDA rates will be balanced. Up to now in history, CPI index numbers has not increased by nine points in one month. So there may admittedly a decrease for this quarter in BSNL IDA rates of above 2%. Have a look at the future IDA rates.
After the release of AICPI numbers on 31.03.2017 for February 2017, Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders for the decline in BSNL IDA rates from 01.04.2017. Then PSU will issue the orders for New IDA rates. This time, it is going to record a huge decrease in BSNL IDA rates from New Financial Year 2017 2018.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

DOT Finance has collected data from all the CCAs after our discussion with Secretary, Telecom on 22/2/2017.  The information is as follows :-

1)Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand and Bihar BSNL have sent all cases

2) WB BSNL has not sent any case to CCA.
3) Patna CCA has cleared all the 3585 cases.
4) NE I has cleared all the received cases of 897 but BSNL is yet to send 103 cases.
5) The following CCAs have cleared /received  Cases
 HD-2608/11181,  GJ-9338/9956,  KR-2869/8139,  

TAMIL NADU  -7862/15830,

UPE - 4291/6644,   MP-1597/4944,
Kolkatta - 2159/2651.
 Total pensioners eligible - 1,39,835.
Cases received from BSNL - 1,09,442(78.27%).
Pension revision order issued - 51,031 (46.63% )
53.37% is pending with CCAs
This is the position as on 28 /2 /2017 
After discussion with us on 22-2-2017,  Directorate collected  status position of 78. 2% Revision cases.  Member(F) in his letter to all CCAs quoted the figures as under.
No.  of cases recd by CCA is given first and then the number of cases disposed by CCA offices.
                 CASES RECEIVED     DISPOSED

AP...                    11181...               2608
Assam...               3136..                 1401
Bihar ....              3585..                   3585
Calcutta.            2651..                  2159
CGT.......             1258..                  1096
GJT.......              9956..                  9338
HP.........               697...                   300
J&K......              1006..                  889
JKND...              1348..                  918
KERALA           10131..                3297
KARNAT.          8139..                  2869
MAHARA          13393..                6844
MP........              4944....                1597
NE.......                 797....                  897
NTR....                 1413..                 384
Orissa....              1912..                  1756
Punjab...             3600..                  2031
Raj........              4242..                   1807

TamilNadu...     15830..                 7862

UKND..               826.....                542
UPE.....               6644.. .                4291
UPW...                2189....                1590
WB ...                  000...                   000

There are 1, 39, 835   Cases in total.  Only 1, 09, 442 Cases are recd from BSNL offices till 28. 2. 17.
30, 000 Cases are yet to receive.
CCAs have cleared 51031Cases.
We do not believe these figures.  Why?
1. Totalling is not accurate.
2.  It is said WB circle did not send any case. But some pensioners  got revision order.
This is how data is prepared!!


Thursday, 23 March 2017

It is understood  that DoT has decided to file appeal in High Court against CAT judgement in Pension Anomaly case. We have no alternative but to fight at every level.                        
Message as received from Com.PSR

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

75 வது பிறந்த நாளைக் 
கொண்டாடும் நம் மாநில தலைவர்
தோழர்      V இராமராவ் 

இன்னும் பல்லாண்டு, பல்லாண்டு  பல்லாயிரத்தாண்டு வாழ 
ஏழையர் வாழ்வு சிறக்க , 
எளியவர் நிலைமை உயர 
அயராது பாடுபடும் 
நோய் நொடியின்றி 
நல்ல உடல் வளம் பெற்று வாழ
கோவை மாவட்டம் .

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017

CHQ News Regarding 78.2%

Consequent upon our discussion with Secretary,  Telecom on 22-2-2017,  Member (Finance)  has issued a fresh instruction.  
BSNL offices should send    pre-2007 and post-2007cases to CCA offices  before 15-3-2017  and 31-3-2017  respectively.  CCAs should issue orders before 31-3-2017  and 10-4-2017 respectively. 
The letter is given above.